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We provide thoughtful gifts for precious moments, at affordable prices.

“All good things come in small packages”

And Yes, SP Moments (Seni’s Precious Moments) is definitely a small shop, but it is built with huge love and endless positivity.  It’s the little things that mean the most, the things we often take for granted. FAMILY, FRIENDSHIP, THOUGHTFULNESS, GOOD INTENTIONS & GOOD VIBES are the values that are important to Seni the founder/owner of Seni’s Precious Moments. These values are what this tiny shop is built on and they run through its core and into the gifts you purchase.
Together with a supportive family, genuine friendship has always been another driving force in Seni’s life:
“I am blessed to have friends who I regard as my extended family. Whether it be investment in their time, support, knowledge, help, input, love, thoughtfulness, they have worked with me to help open this shop. They are always with me sharing in my Precious Moments.  Thank You.”
Seni’s Precious Moments encompasses all of the above.  The logo incorporates symbols like the Evil Eye amulet and Hamsa Hand which reflect the good vibes and positive energy, Seni stands for.  Peacock feathers also feature in the shop as they represent prosperity, luck and good intentions. 
Please do come and visit Seni’s Precious Moments for yourself.  There is something for all the family, ranging from Seni-Precious  silver jewellery, agate coasters, ceramic candles, hand woven umbrella parasols from India, cuff links, soap for men and women, toys and so much more. So come in and let us help you find a Precious gift for your Precious Moments.