In Your Wildest Dreams Book by Seniha Ozer (Signed)
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In Your Wildest Dreams Book by Seniha Ozer (Signed)

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This book makes the perfect gift and can be signed by the author for no additional cost. Make sure you let us know who you’d like Seniha to sign it for when ordering. 

In Your Wildest Dreams 

Following on from Sweet Dreams, published in 2010, Poppy now knows how to change her nightmares into the most amazing, magical dreams after Grandad helped her. With this new knowledge, she now must help her little brother, Henry, to overcome the same problems she once had.
In Your Wildest Dreams joins Poppy as she shares her most fantastical dreams yet - not just with the reader, but with Henry too. Curiously, one night Poppy and Henry find themselves together in the same dream, on an astonishing escapade! They meet the magical Mer People, sensational creatures like the Zebrot (half parrot, half zebra) and Snakey (half monkey, half snake) and even bump into some familiar faces from Poppy's old dreams. Woken up by the alarm clock before their dream has ended, Poppy and Henry rush to tell Grandad about how they were both dreaming together.
He is waiting downstairs for them, but he appears to know more than the children can imagine about the adventures they had...In Your Wildest Dreams is a book that children can easily empathise with, creating stories from their own dreams.
The book is a joy for parents to read aloud with their children, or for five- to seven-year-olds to enjoy by themselves.
Signed by the author, Seniha Ozer.

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